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TravelWifi - the most reliable router

Ihave been using the TravelWifi portable router for the past nine months. This little and easy-to-carry device has been the most reliable travel router I have tried so far. Check this review if you’re planning to buy or rent a portable hotspot soon. You can also check my resources page for more travel devices and travel gear.

What is a Pocket Wifi or a Portable Wifi Hotspot for travel?

A Pocket Wifi or portable hotspot is a portable travel device that connects to the local internet (WLAN) and provides your smartphone, laptop, or tablet with an internet connection, acting as a hotspot

TravelWifi is the name of the company I have been trying out for a few months now. I have been posting regularly on my social media about the device, and I got several recurrent questions from people who are genuinely interested in this travel router, so I’ve put together an article to answer in one go, several of these questions.

Who can benefit from the Portable TravelWifi router?

It has been designed especially for slow travelers, digital nomads, and remote workers often moving locations, however, anyone can benefit from the TravelWifi router. Although it can also be an easy solution for seasonal vacationers, I personally think it is a fantastic device for longer trips or stays abroad.

How does Portable wifi work – The TravelWifi device & atributes

There are many free wifi hotspots nowadays in coffee shops, airports, and more public places; but the truth is that majority of the connections aren’t private, which is a dangerous threat to our privacy and confidential information. Traveling with a portable hotspot can reduce the possibility of having your information exposed, as TravelWifi devices are password protected. 


Acquiring your new portable wifi travel device is very easy. You first check the device options on their website and select your preferred one. Next, you will choose your data plan and introduce the location where you want to receive the device. Once you have it with you, you just have to download the app, connect and start enjoying. 


One single TravelWifi portable hotspot can connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. Some of their devices have an autonomy of 28h and they offer the possibility to rent the device instead of buying it, this is convenient when you know you will only use the portable wifi device once or twice a year.


As long as there is WLAN, the device can connect to the local internet and hotspot devices, depending on the plan you select. TravelWifi has over 400 data plans to pick from, and download speeds for some of their devices are up to 150 Mbps on 4G. This might not seem much but still is quite good for working and doing your work video calls. Although you don’t need a SIM Card, some devices offer an optional SIM card slot and the possibility to purchase single-trip and multi-trip options, as well as day passes, all with 24/7 customer service support.

TravelWifi - the most reliable router
Using TravelWifi portable router in Morocco
TravelWifi - the most reliable router
TravelWifi portable router in Paris

Portable Wifi Rental – Can I rent a TravelWifi device?

The answer is yes! What I love about TravelWifi is that you don’t need to purchase the product if you’ll use it for a short period of time. You can now rent one of their devices. 

Sometimes it is possible to find very affordable local plans for shorter stays abroad, however, it is worth it to always double-check the daily prices. TravelWifi offers the possibility to rent their devices on a daily basis from 4.40 USD/ Day. They send the device to your house or directly to your hotel if you’re already abroad and they provide different and very easy ways to return the device once you’re done using the product.

Do I need a SIM Card?

One of the perks of using TravelWifi and another I consider this is the best travel router for travel is that you don’t need a SIM Card. However, if you would like to get a SIM Card, there are plans that you can purchase with TravelWifi.

Is TravelWifi global?

TravelWifi is indeed global. The TravelWifi device works in 130+ countries. You can check their country list on their website.

Are there TravelWifi shops?

The headquarters office is located in Houston, Texas. They have several shops in Europe (Paris, Madrid, and Barcelona); vending machines in several airports such as Germany and Kuwait. There is also a store at Málaga’s Airport (Spain) and there will be two more airport shops opening soon in Switzerland and the Balearic Islands in Spain.

Best Travel Router for travel – TravelWifi Edition

I own the Sapphire 2 which has been by far the best travel router device I got this year, but they are now offering several options that are even more advanced in my view. 

Here is a selection of the best 3 options, by clicking on the images you can check the device characteristics. You can use the code moontraveler10 to get a 10% discount on your first device.

TravelWifi - Sapphire 3
Sapphire Power
TravelWifi Hotspot Rental

TravelWifi Review – My experience with Sapphire 2

Full disclosure, this is a sponsored post, nevertheless, the reason I still use the device, and now I recommend it to you, is that my experience with TravelWifi has been incredibly good so far.


Their device Sapphire 2, has succeeded my expectations and has also saved me countless times when I needed to be connected for work. The TravelWifi device has become an essential tool for me and it always comes with me in my handbag or backpack wherever I go. 


I have now used it in 6 countries on 3 different continents and it hasn’t disappointed me once. I love that I don’t have to use a SIM Card and that I can immediately connect (even from the airplane once on land) when I arrive in a new country. 


Since I got my TravelWifi device, I no longer have to choose to work in only coffee shops with wifi, I can connect from any place and have different offices every time. I have been able to do work calls and send emails while being outside the house or hotels and have been always able to stay connected to friends and check my google maps when getting to new places in completely unknown countries. The Sapphire 2 from TravelWifi has been, hands down, the best travel router I have tried so far. 


Do you have any other questions? Do not hesitate to send your comments below. You can also check their website for more reviews of happy travelers using the product. It won’t disappoint.

Plan your trip: A quick guide to book your next adventure now

This is a detailed guide that will help you plan your trip from scratch and successfully prepare everything ahead of your departure. I follow these steps to book my trips and now you can do the exact same!

Purchase your flight

I use Skyscanner to book my flights since I can have oversight on the best deals. Alternatively, I use

Book your accommodation

For many years now I’ve used to find the best hotel deals. Hostelworld is my go-to for hostels.

Don’t forget your travel insurance

My favorite companies are SafetyWing (best relation product/value), HeyMondo (another great affordable alternative), and IATI Seguros (for Spanish speakers).

Choose your tours

I love traveling on my own, but for those activities that I need to pre-book I use Get Your Guide, Viator, and Civitatis.

Need Transportation?

Discover Cars, is the company that works best to rent a car. For transportation in Central America, I use GuateGo.

Packing Guide

Check out the list I’ve put together with my favorite travel gear and travel resources to help you pack for your trip.



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