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Srilankan Airlines Airbus

Back in 2018, I had the chance to fly for the first time with SriLankan Airlines in Economy Class on a return ticket from London to Colombo. This article summarizes my experience flying with SriLankan Airlines, showing my first impressions and an in depth review, including my personal experience flying with SriLankan Airlines to conclude the article. Chick here to check what to see and do in Sri Lanka on a 7 day itinerary along the cultural triangle.

SriLankan Airlines is nowadays the main Airline in Sri Lanka. It is part of the ‘One World’ alliance and has nowadays more than 20 airplanes that were flying to more than 60 countries (pre-covid19) – check the latest updates if you are planning to travel with SriLankan Airlines in 2021.

Srilankan Airlines Airbus
``Inside the Airbus A340-300``

SriLankan Airlines Review

My first impression flying with SriLankan Airlines was indeed very positive. I believe this airline is coming to strongly position itself in the top of the world airlines due to its high standards and excellent on-board customer service.

Here is a compilation of some facts that I’ve considered interesting as part of the review to this international airline:

  • Fast luggage check in, despite a high flow of passengers. There were several functional counters in both London and Colombo.


  • Boarding was efficient in both airports.


  • Both departures took place at the expected local time


  • Overall the airplane was quite clean and looked pretty new to my eyes. Aisles were wide inside the airplane. Seats were comfortable. 


  • Upon arrival, the ‘travel kit’ for international flights was prepared in your seat and consisted of a pillow, a blanket and headphones. 


  • The entertainment offer is wide. The individual passenger screen has ‘a la carte’ TV with movies, series, books, international news and mini-games; you can also check the remaining flight hours and track the route on a 3D map. My screen wasn’t working during the flight back home and the staff offered me to move to a different seat, so I could keep watching the movies. ‘Mini point for SriLankan Airlines’.
Srilankan Airlines 1
``SriLankan Airlines screen``
  • Sri Lankan Airlines staff respects sleeping times. They won’t disturb you until it is time for another meal. This one I truly value!


  • Two meals were included and served on both SriLankan Airlines flights. Before each meal, staff members handed wet wipes to each passenger to clean our hands and then provided us with menu options. Food was pretty decent, though maybe a little spicy for my taste. 
SriLankan Airlines Meal
``SriLankan Airlines Meal``
  • The SriLankan Airlines staff treat was one of the most remarkable facts for what I would fly again with this company. Smiling at all times, they speak several languages and they serve you throughout the flight duration in a very friendly and casual way.


  • The baggage collection was also quite agile and something to note is that my suitcase was intact (after some bad experiences with airlines in Europe, this is much appreciated)

Is SriLankan Airlines good? – My personal experience

In order for you to understand my positive review to this airline, I would like to mention a couple of misadventures that happened during the flight back home and how these were seamlessly resolved by the airline staff members

  • During a strong turbulence, a kettle fell into a passenger’s leg. The staff apologized several times, they brought some ice to help with the pain and even applied cream to the passenger’s knee. During the rest of the trip, the staff asked the passenger about how she was feeling and they ended up chatting and joking about the whole thing. 


  • A passenger fainted during the flight and the fast and very efficient reaction of the flight staff in finding a doctor a-board, helped the passenger recover without sequels.  


  • Talking to another friend flying in a different plane, a passenger felt really sick and they did an emergency landing in Kuwait, so they could take this passenger to the nearest hospital. 

As you can see, SriLankan Airlines is hiring qualified, caring and understanding employees that are happy to help passengers at all times, showing that they are really prepared and that they are willing to take health and safety measures seriously. As mentioned before, the staff treat and professional ways is definitely one of the reasons I would choose to fly with SriLankan Airlines again – if you’re planning a trip to Sri Lanka, you can click here and go check their prices

SriLankan Airlines staff member
``SriLankan Airlines Air hostess``
Have you ever flown with SriLankan Airlines? How was your experience?

Are you interested in any other airlines reviews? Check this list updated in November 2019 by the Forbes online magazine – includes a top 10 ranking with the best airlines.


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