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Alpacas Holden

This is a post about how I ended up staying in the coolest Airbnb in Missouri: my experience sleeping in an Alpaca Farm! At this stage, you might wonder, what is a Madrilenian doing in this part of the United States, right? Well, I was heading to my friends’ wedding down in the Ozarks (Missouri), as part of a 3-week road trip across the Midwest and South of the USA! This said, I had an extra day to kill before the big event and I heard something that completely made me do a detour before the wedding date. 

Apparently Kansas City has some of the best BBQ ribs in all United States, so even if I was still in Oklahoma City (OK), I called another friend that was also attending to the wedding and we agreed to meet up in north-west Missouri to eat those fine BBQ ribs and see by ourselves how good they really are!

An Alpaca Farm near me

We had that day’s dinner figurate out, yet we needed somewhere to stay that night and preferably, it would be somewhere close as we all would have been driving for a few hours that day, so I messaged my friend Bailey and she mentioned there is an alpaca farm near Kansas City and that I could even book the night through Airbnb – so convenient! I didn’t think twice, I LOVE ALPACAS, hence I had to give that Airbnb a chance!

Next thing I knew, I was entering a ranch in the middle of the United States, all alpacas surrounding me and my car (they thought I was going to feed them) in the dark!

'Alpacas surrounding us upon our arrival to the ranch, Holden, MO'

What is an Alpaca Farm?

Let’s pause it here for two seconds. If any of you are not familiar with what an alpaca farm is, here is a hint. Originally, alpacas were bred in South America, however in several areas of the United States, they are used as guardian animals for herds of sheep or even some people/farmers raise alpacas for pets! This is the case of the alpaca farm Airbnb we were staying in!

Alpaca Farm kitchen
'Alpacas at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch, Holden, MO'
Alpaca Farm
'Alpaca and Sheep at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch, Holden, MO'

Coolest Airbnb in Missouri: The Alpaca Farm Experience

When we arrived at The Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch in Holden (MO) we didn’t know what to expect, but we quickly felt at home. The place is absolutely cozy, there is great attention to detail in every part of the main areas and private rooms, and the décor was dreamy! The hosts live in the same property but you pretty much have the entire ranch main house for yourself.

The Alpaca Farm Airbnb
'Alpaca Ranch & Airbnb Farm, Holden, MO'

I particularly fell in love with the living room high ceiling and the wooden walls. It was mid-October when we visited the alpaca farm and although it was cold outside, the house was still very warm.

Coolest Airbnb in Missouri
'Alpaca Farm living room, Holden, MO'

The room was also very nice, but the masterpiece was the bed. So comfortable! It reminded me of my grandmother’s house bed in the north of Spain! It was this kind of bed that traps you and enfolds you in a sweet embrace! It makes you don’t want to leave it, especially knowing it’s cold outside! I instantly regretted just having booked only 1 night at this wonderful place!

Alpaca Farm bedroom
'Alpaca Farm bedroom, Holden, MO'

Coolest Airbnb in Missouri: Feeding and walking with Alpacas

We woke up with the crowing of a rooster the next morning. We had a nice shower and made breakfast using the Airbnb kitchen. Then we met the host lady and had a nice chat in which we also congratulated her for the marvelous place they’ve put together. 

Essentially, every morning, guests at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch can feed the alpacas and the rest of the animals at the farm. The hosts will accompany you and teach you how to do it and provide you with the food each animal needs. Other animals in the farm are goats, sheep, chicken, a rooster, a turkey, cats, dogs and they have recently added 2 llamas to the family!

Coolest Airbnb in Missouri
'Feeding Alpacas at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch, Holden, MO'
Coolest Airbnb in Missouri
'Goats at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch, Holden, MO'
Alpacas and sheep
'Alpaca and Sheep at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch, Holden, MO'

Moreover, you can walk with the alpacas as they wander freely around the ranch area; sometimes – depending on their mood – you will also be able to pet them for a bit.

Petting Alpacas
'Me petting an Alpaca at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch, Holden, MO'

Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch has now a herd of 23 alpacas and they are really well taken care of – the hosts even have a couple dogs to protect them and the other animals from possible wild wolves in the area.

Sleeping in this Alpaca Farm is truly an incredible experience and is definitely one of the most unique places to stay in Missouri

The Paca Picnic

If you live in the area or you already have a different accommodation booked, but you still want to meet the alpacas, the farm also offers an activity called ‘Paca Picnic! This is a 2h tour in which people can come and hand feed the alpacas, goats and sheep. After the tour they can sit and have a picnic of their own and watch the animals play in the field! 

Coolest Airbnb in Missouri
'Alpacas hanging out freely at the ranch, Holden, MO'

Click here to book your stay at Green Meadows Alpaca Ranch – Want to know more about alpacas? Here are some alpaca facts – enjoy!

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  • Jessa

    5 febrero 2021

    I love this post Luna! I’m determined to stay in that Airbnb someday, Bailey told me how great it was, and I also love Alpacas. I absolutely love all the pictures you took, it looks like this was such an awesome experience.

  • 6 febrero 2021

    What a lovely post


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