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Moontraveler Blog is a website that combines ideas, guides, and tips for inspirational responsible tourism. Its aim is to encourage and inspire others to travel around the world and I do this by sharing unique experiences, traveling on my own, or partnering professionally with tourism brands, emphasizing the need to support local businesses and to help local communities grow in a more sustainable and responsible way.


Click to see the Moontraveler Blog Media Kit – Last updated in April 2023


For all business and collaboration inquiries, you can contact me via email at or you can also fill in the form below.


I am currently offering Social Media Management Services to support tourism companies, by identifying their needs and defining their content strategy to create brand exposure and product awareness. 


You can also check my portfolio to see what I have been up to lately!

Work with me

Partnerships & Sponsorships

During the past two years I have worked with some cool companies and met great people!

What do I offer

– Travel content in English & Spanish

– Press Trips & Tourism Board partnerships

– Travel photography

– Drone photography

– Social media long-term campaigns

– Brand ambassadorships

– Sponsored content

– Tours, hotels, airlines & travel products reviews

– Collaborations with online travel magazines & other bloggers

– Travel advice on destinations I know first-hand

– Personalized travel itineraries & guides

Why work with me

– High-quality, timely & beautifully presented content

– Professional perspective on tourism brands and destinations as I merge my passion for traveling with my tourism studies and background

– I believe in what I do and the companies I work with and I make sure to share it with my audience

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