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Travel planning is time-consuming. Every new adventure requires organization and planning, and I know it can be a bit overwhelming at first. Moreover, when organizing a trip to a destination where there is a lack of information, it can generate stress and insecurities about making the right choices or booking with suitable companies that would meet our travel expectations for the trip.

My experience and background

I have always been passionate about traveling. I studied Tourism in college and have a Master’s in International Tourism Business Management. You can check my LinkedIn here. In 2010, I had my first tourism job as a Travel Agent in Madrid, Spain. Since then, I fell in love with creating itineraries from scratch and helping others travel the world, providing tailor-made trips that would result in experiences of a lifetime. It is no secret amongst those who know me, that I was born to do what I do. Nowadays, I am a nomadic entrepreneur who lives in several countries each year and slow-travels around the world. This allows me to have a greater understanding of destinations too.

My approach

Despite being on the other side of the counter as a Travel Consultant for many years, I am also a traveler. I am currently working as a content creator and travel blogger on this site, and this is what takes most of my time.


This said I am not a travel agent at the moment, and neither do I work as one on behalf of any travel agency. Nevertheless, I do travel consultancy services as part of my business offer and I only provide advice on those places I have lived or traveled to first-hand.

travel consultancy
travel consultancy

Why organizing your trip with me

When you book a Travel Consultancy Call with me, you can be sure the information is reliable and custom-made just for you. I combine my travel expertise and background with my personal experiences as a traveler to provide you with the ultimate itinerary and travel plan for your upcoming trip.

Book your Travel Consultancy Call

I will help you create your best travel experience in 3 SIMPLE STEPS:


STEP 1 – Fill in the travel form and make the pre-payment for your call. You will be able to choose your preferred time slot for our call before making the payment. Ensure you complete this form as it will provide useful information to make the most out of our call.


STEP 2 – 30-minute Call: During our call, I will hear about your travel preferences, as well as your travel requirements and ideas. I will be asking you some key questions to gather detailed information that will allow me to provide you with the most suitable services for your trip to meet your expectations.


STEP 3 – You will then receive an email with a detailed kick-ass itinerary and recommended links to book your trip. As easy as it sounds. After our call, I will create a custom-made travel plan for your trip and I’ll send it your way.

If you’re not sure these Travel Consultancy Services are for you. You can also send me an email at and we will evaluate if we are a good fit to work together on the preparation of your upcoming trip.


*Not included: This is a personalized service to help you plan your trip, but I will not be booking any of the travel services for you. If you would like me to support you in booking the services for your trip, note that there will be an extra cost of 250 USD as an administrative fee, which will include a complimentary 30-minute call to walk you through your full itinerary and services booked in preparation for your trip. For trips longer than 2 weeks, this fee will need to be recalculated. Your Travel Consultancy Services with Moontraveler Blog, do not include assistance during your trip. I will provide you with a list of well-known travel companies to book your trip and these companies will support you with seamless travel assistance during the entire duration of your trip.


*DISCLOSURE: Some of the links I use to book the most suitable travel services are affiliate links. This means that at no extra cost to you, I earn a small commission from each booking. By booking your trips through the links on this page, you are supporting my website and my work, so I can continue speaking out and sharing my travel experiences with you, helping you to travel further and better every time!


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