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Are you a tourism company, but you’re not very active on Social Media? This might be of interest to you! I am a freelance content creator and travel blogger and I support tourism companies to level up their game on their main social media platforms!


I’m currently offering Instagram-focused social media management services to companies around the globe and I am proud to say that my clients are based across four continents!

Some of the reasons my clients need social media management services

– Unsure how to use social media effectively and properly engage with others
– IG’s algorithm is difficult to keep up with
– Seek for organic growth, but have no time
– Fear to lose customers due to inactivity

What do I offer

– Brand-focused coaching to identify needs
– Personalized SMM strategy plan and road-map to success
– Weekly posts, stories, reels
– Follow up with statistics & feedback on performance

Click here to download the Social Media Management Proposal. Doesn’t meet your needs? Let me know how can I best support you at

How does it work?

I understand that not every company has the time to manage its online presence. Some are not even quite sure how to navigate the social media waters (and that is totally fine!). However, I’ll be honest with you, getting your brand out there is key to gaining product/service awareness and brand visibility.


By choosing to work with me, you can forget about social media’s daily hustle. I will be in charge of managing and posting your content regularly on your account, following your desired aesthetic and voice, that we can define together!


Just like having an external partner that would help you promote your tourism company and engage with your audience, I will work with you and I will provide you with a spreadsheet that contains all the progress we make during our time working together.


Furthermore, you’ll have access to the scheduling tools I use to manage your account and I will be delighted to provide you with tips and tricks to continue growing your account once you consider you’re set to go on your own. 

What’s next?

I would be delighted to briefly discuss with you any of the three social media management packages I offer. You can simply send me an email to with your availability to schedule a 30-minute Scoping Call via Zoom. 

Companies I’ve worked with

During the past year, I have worked with some amazing companies!


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